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Electronic Navigation Satellite

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Best Features

Navigation Application for Android & IOS with multifunction features like PANIC Button, Single or Group Navigation, Share Favorites, Groups Community, Locate Members, Social Media, Events, Multi Route Planner, Hazard & Traffic Information, Digital Meter, Vehicle Maintenance Records, Leaderboard & Notifications.


User are able to share hazard notification to all eNavSAT users in their group members regarding any road hazard issues i.e. traffic congestion, road flood, road repairs, roadblocks, camera, etc.

Save Favourite Sharing Location

User can save or ‘Favorite’ preferred location for easy future navigation.

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Panic Button

Panic button is a special feature of eNaVSAT application where it caters road emergency situation. The panic button issue 3 different emergency situation; Crash, Breakdown and Emergency.

Locate Members

This will allow other group members to locate each other on their current location with option. I.e. paid members has the option to appear visible or invisible to others, while free user will remain visible.

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Beautiful Interface

Unique interface layout to make it easy for users to access their favorite features.

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Pricing Plan

eNavSAT is offering FREE or PAID Download for user to choose suit to their requirement.

Basic (BOX)

  • FREE download with Limited Features available with ads contains

Standard (BOX)

  • 0.99 cent Per year
  • Full Access On Features
  • Unlimited Group, Visible and Invisible to group member features
  • Unlimited Car maintenance storing data, Ads Removed

$0.99 / Annually

Steven Foster
Steven Foster
Steven Foster

Steven Foster


Good Features, Among group hazard notification. Perfect integration apps. 

Juan Davis


It's a private group navigation system, sharing favorited is awesome

Alice White


Great Apps so i can monitor my family activities


Members can share media and information amongst their friend by selective respective group.

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